Colleen Burke-Sivers, LPC

Colleen Burke-Sivers, LPC (She/her)

Licensed Professional Counselor

I am honored to be a therapist because I get to know people as their most genuine selves. I enjoy supporting people to a richer life.

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1744-A NE 42nd Avenue

Portland, OR 97213

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Rate: $150-$200

Provides telehealth services

Practicing Since: 1994

Languages: English


  • Individual
  • Family
  • Group
  • Relationship

Insurances Accepted

  • Out of Pocket
  • Out of Network
  • Aetna
  • MHN
  • MODA
  • PacificSource
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My Approach to Helping

My approach is straightforward and genuine. For those who like therapy terms, I am a Humanistic practitioner. I build a secure and trusting connection with each person and help them to foster these kinds of connections with the people in their lives. I have a unique ability to put people at ease in the therapy sessions and to work to uncover the stumbling blocks that are keeping them from living full and satisfying lives.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I have 25 years of post-graduate experience, working in agencies, schools, hospitals and private practice. Some specialities include depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders. Some unique populations I like to work with include new parents, young adults, and people making major life transitions. However, I find I enjoy a variety of people and have worked with various populations and have experience with a wide range of issues.

Techniques I Use


  • Psychodynamic  External link

    The psychodynamic approach takes into account the influences of your childhood on your current functioning and struggles. It looks at the person as partially a product of his or her original environment and helps each person understand how those influences are helping or hurting them to function today. The psychodynamic therapist will help you unlearn those influences that are no longer useful.

  • Humanistic  External link

    Humanistic therapy is based on Carl Rogers' theory of 'unconditional positive regard'. In other words, everyone is doing the best they can with what they have at the moment, and is accepted just as they are. Humanistic practitioners start from where the client is, and does not try to apply a 'one size fits all' approach, as each client will need a unique combination of approaches and techniques.

  • Existential External link

    Existential therapy explores meaning and purpose in life. It looks at deeper questions that people often wrestle: 'What is my purpose in life?', 'What is the true meaning of life?' 'What do I believe?' 'Why am I making the choices I am making?' 'What is the bigger picture.'

Issues I Treat


  • Loss or Grief External link

    Life is a series of losses, but most people are not prepared for the impact of significant losses on their psyche and sense of well-being. If you have recently experienced the loss of someone close, a relationship, or a dream, I will help you to come to terms with the loss and rediscover joy in life at a pace that will not rush you through your grief.

  • Codependency External link

    Your kindness and generosity are positive traits, but they often get out of control to the point that no one ever seems to be considerate of you. Codependency becomes a problem when your needs are never getting met in relationships, friendships, or even with acquaintances. I will help you look at the roots of your codependent behaviors and find new ways of relating in the world.

  • Anxiety External link

    The 21st century seems to be the age of anxiety. There is so much change happening all of the time. We are more aware than ever of the precarious state of the world and of our own human condition. Anxiety can be a useful tool or it can get out of control and be debilitating. I teach people to acknowledge and make sense of their anxiety while at the same time learn how to manage it effectively.

  • Bipolar External link

    Bipolar disorder is such a difficult, confusing, and isolating illness. Those who suffer from it feel miserably depressed, alternating with boundless energy and ideas, irritability and impulsiveness. At times, you may feel ecstatic and other times, you have no idea why you ever felt that way. I help people make sense of their moods, swings, frantic thoughts, and unravel the mess of symptoms.

  • Depression External link

    Depression robs a person of joy...and of perspective. When you are in a depressive state, everything seems difficult and meaningless. You believe that your view of reality is true and everyone else out there who seems happy are all looking through rose colored glasses. I have helped hundreds of people find their way out of this distorted and miserable state and back to their true selves.

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