Political Climate

The current political climate in this country, and around the world, can be a stressor in your life, regardless of your beliefs. Working with a qualified mental health professional can help you come up with healthy coping mechanisms to address how the political climate is influencing your life.

Local Experts in Political Climate

Have you noticed a drastic increase in your anxiety, depression or stress in this new political climate? Do you feel more on-guard, threatened, or unsafe due to changes that are happening rapidly in the country? I want to support you in finding a sense of empowerment, place, and purpose in relationship to what\'s happening. You can feel a sense of safety and belonging again.

Find wellness within the activation the environment provides. Free of political beliefs, focused on the you that drives yourself to interact with the stimuli around you.

Innerwork and outerwork and inextricably intertwined. I help you confront systemic issues and their impact on your life, to get in touch with your inner activist OR to give your activist some rest if that part of yourself is exhausted! The microcosm is the macrocosm and I help you discover where your true alignment is, regardless of the 'shoulds.' I specialize in climate grief and anxiety.

In the currently divisive political climate that has become our reality, many people are needing more support in devising strategies to deal with repressive and even hostile work environments that stifle individuals outside of the political mainstream. These environments can range from small to corporate but present existential threats to individual well being and the capacity to thrive.

Absorbing messages about how to feel, think, and act are part of the filtering down of social, political, economic policies into our psychological, emotional, and relational realities. Mandates of relentless optimism, neoliberal ideology, and iniquity intensify alienation, fear, sadness, shame, numbness, and loneliness. Kindling acceptance can make room for change.

A modality that I make use of in individual counseling is existential humanism, which helps me effectively support people who are struggling with the uncertainty of our current political climate. I help clients work with their anger and fear in order to make meaning of out life in these troubling times, as well as to recapture the power and joy that is our birthright as humans.

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