Psychoanalytic therapy, or psychoanalysis, is based on the work of Sigmund Freud and is one of the most well-known therapeutic practices. A psychoanalytic approach to therapy looks at how the unconscious mind influences a person’s behaviors, thoughts and feelings.  Psychoanalytic therapy is founded on the belief that a person’s problems can be related to repressed conflicts, for example unresolved childhood issues or a suppressed trauma. The goal of psychoanalytic therapy is to bring unconscious conflicts into the conscious mind, so that the client can face and deal with them. Some of the most common problems treated with psychoanalysis include anxiety, depression, fears and phobias, compulsions, obsessions, relationship problems and sexual dysfunctions.

Local Experts in Psychoanalytic 

Jungian Psychoanalytic Theory approaches the person\'s a journey as the movement towards wholeness and individuation. Working through our personal myths, dreams, and personas, we are able to externalize what lies within our inner-worlds and reshape our outer world to hold all parts of the Self.

I pursue ongoing study at the Oregon Psychoanalytic Center, bringing the rich perspective it provides to our work. Understanding the workings of the unconscious in individual and relational ways, as well as investigating the layered experiences which shape your way of taking in and making sense of the world deepens therapy and allows you to make significant realizations and changes.

I have received three years of specialized clinical training in psychoanalytic psychotherapy. As a skilled and intuitive clinician, I have been trained to listen for unconscious material that is causing internal conflicts (often leading to depression or anxiety), distorting perspectives, blocking growth and development, and interfering with relationships.

Completed two years of advanced training with supervised course work.

I completed a six year psychoanalytic training program at the Oregon Psychoanalytic Institute in 2004 and see adults in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. I also use this analytic understanding to inform individual psychotherapy, play therapy, couples counseling, consultation.

I am a member of the Oregon Psychoanalytic Center and take continuing education courses through them. I have been a member of a contemporary analytic study group the meets monthly for over the past 20 years.

Jungian Analysis is a long-established therapy. It rests on client and therapist interaction as well as on exploration of difficulties troubling you via talk therapy, and in honoring what emerges from your work. It recognizes that we all have an unconscious. We all experience inner chaos. My training allows you discover your strengths from within the confusion, chaos, and turmoil of life.

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