Early Recovery

Local Experts in Early Recovery

I help those recovering from substance use due to being in the nightclub industry. In our work together, we find ways to explore the boredom and create more meaning in day-to-day life. My clients reach a place where they can continue their careers in the nightclub industry because of discovering new coping skills and boundaries to set for success.

So... you\'ve just changed your life. Now what? Navigating the deep and murky waters of early recovery can feel treacherous. Connecting through individual or group therapy can help keep you afloat in this transitional time.

I have extensive training and experience in helping clients who don\'t feel they have a problem or are still weighing the scale on whether or not they want to give up behaviors that are causing conflict with others or other goals they have in their lives. I like helping clients get real about the costs and benefits of continuing a behavior or lifestyle they are unsure about.

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