Obesity is a medical condition defined as an excess amount of body fat. More than just a superficial concern, obesity can cause a number of health problems including diabetes and heart disease. The emotional toll that being obese can have on a person can be equally damaging. Obesity carries with it a social stigma that may lead to discrimination, teasing or bullying, and poor self-esteem.  In both children and adults, obesity has been linked to depression. A mental health professional can be helpful in dealing with the emotional effects of obesity as well as working with you to create positive lifestyle changes.

Local Experts in Obesity

Dealing with weight is emotionally and physically difficult, but it can really help to have a coach that can guide you in the right direction and consult with your doctors/nutritionists if need be. I will help you work on the emotional and motivational aspect of weight gain and help you move toward a path of optimal health and wellness.

I have a program for weight loss, which addresses many of the common factors, such as self-esteem, beliefs, metabolism, and habits around food, with room for personalizing each session around my clients unique challenges and goals. This program includes tools to empower clients between sessions to make the process easier and more comfortable.

Obesity has become an epidemic that is lends itself to a variety of degenerative diseases. A whole foods, plant based diet has been substantially proven to reduce weight but also reverse and even halt degenerative disease. I can help you learn how.

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