Body Image Issues

Everyone has a body image, which is essentially defined as what we think we look like.  A person's body image is created through a combination of their personal life experiences and external influencers, like culture and society. It is not at all uncommon to feel dissatisfied with your appearance occasionally. However, some body images issues, like body dysmorphic disorder, are more serious and can interfere with your daily life. Developing a positive body image can significantly improve your happiness.  If you are experiencing excessive concern about a perceived physical defect, you may benefit from counseling. A mental health professional can be helpful in dealing with normal, negative body image feelings as well as specific body disorders.

Local Experts in Body Image Issues

Are you struggling with your relationship to your body, food, or both? With my background in eating disorder treatment, I help clients reconnect with an inner sense of health & balance in an affirming, body-positive space. I will support you in challenging external messages about how you should be, and help you connect instead with your needs, your values, and your intuitive healthy self.

I work from a Health at Every Size, or HAES®, approach in providing support for clients working to find peace with their body and food. HAES encourages us to trust our body by listening to hunger and fullness cues, seeking joy and moderation in physical activity, celebrating body diversity, and rejecting diet culture, sizeism, and the thin ideal. I also incorporate intuitive eating techniques to a

As a fat-identified and body-positive person, I have worked to gain a strong understanding of all the ways body image can be harmed, impacted, developed, and explored. I work from a Health at Every Size model and have formal education around issues of social oppression and body image ranging from fat and/or disabled bodies to trans and/or gender non-conforming bodies to women and/or femme bodies.

Your child may not have an eating disorder, but struggle with messages they receive daily regarding the ideal women\'s body.

Your body is the one thing you have with you every moment of your life so if you have messages inside that you're body is not acceptable, that's a tough place to be. I will work with you to understand where these messages came from and gently listen to what's underneath so that gradually there's more space for you to live and feel okay.

I do this work because of the positive experience I had in counseling for my own eating disorder in my 20's. By exploring your feelings, learning how to tend to your emotions and caring for yourself and your body, you can recover, one step at a time, without ever dieting again, simply by discovering what it is you are really hungry for.

We work with Body Dysmorphic Disorder which is a close relative of OCD.

Finding acceptance with oneself is the first step in dealing with body issues.

I have worked with men and women for 20 years untangling the complicated emotions involved in body image. This issue has become part of our culture and it needs more awareness and conversation.

Many of my clients seek my help because they crave a healthier relationship to their body. With my background in somatics, yoga, and massage along with my core values of 'health at every size', I support people navigate back to their body in a balanced and empowered way through a gentle yet powerful body-centered approach to counseling.

I work with people to help them cultivate a healthier, more connected and loving relationship between mind and body. We do this collaboratively, by exploring concerns, the emotions connected to them and if helpful, where they came from. I often use art and expressive techniques to help guide this exploration.

We live in a world that is hard on bodies. And whether it’s our own self-criticism or the stigma and discrimination we feel from others, this can take a real toll on our mental health. Exploring this territory can help us find peace in our bodies and build resilience to the cultural messages we receive about our appearance.

My work provides hands on ways to change one's relationship with his/her body, while also providing deeper process work to find a more authentic experience of oneself.

I enjoy helping people who struggling with body-related issues find a way to positive, sustained connection to their physical selves. Through a process of identification, exploration , and working through of historical attached meanings and internal cycles that make it so difficult to feel comfortable and at peace being in their own skin.

In our society there is constant messaging that we must look a certain way. We are taught to feel inadequate and a general sense of shame if we don't live up to society's beauty standards. I can help you move from that place of shame, to a place of self-love and acceptance of who you are and what you look like today. You have inherent value because you are a person. I will honor that in our work.

\nThrough my professional dance and theater background, deep training in Qigong and Yoga, and forty years of people seeking me out to help them with trauma, I have learned to help people make friends with their body and enter their own lives more fully.

I can help you accept and even love your body. This is completely possible when you uncover the underlying issues and end the damaging diet cycle.

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