Premarital Counseling

Premarital counseling is a type of therapy that helps couples prepare for marriage. Seeing a mental health professional before you enter into a marriage can be very beneficial and help you and your partner work through any major differences and set reasonable and healthy expectations for your relationship. Premarital counseling can also help you develop strategies to improve your overall happiness and communication or target a specific conflict like anger, infidelity, money, sex, or household duties

Local Experts in Premarital Counseling

I have extensive training in Emotionally Focused Therapy, a structured approach to couples therapy anchored in the science of attachment and bonding. Through this lens we will work to create a secure foundation as you enter into a new phase of your relationship.

Preparing for marriage is an exciting, busy time. Premarital counseling offers a space to revisit the love that brought you to this new horizon. Together we will work to further strengthen your friendship, enhance your intimacy, develop empowering, healing patterns of communication, and ultimately prepare you for a life of shared passion, goals and values.

Marriage is a rite of passage, whether you\'re coming from a deeply spiritual or purely practical standpoint. Most traditional cultures carefully prepare a couple for this transition, but modern couples often go it alone. I\'ll support you to find your unique path to knowing each other and what marriage means to you, working deeply with love, sexuality, conflict, family, and practical issues.

As a trained PREPARE/ENRICH facilitator I can help you:\nIdentify strength and growth areas\nExplore personality traits\nStrengthen communication skills\nResolve conflicts and reduce stress\nCompare family backgrounds\nComfortably discuss financial issues\nEstablish personal, couple, and family goals

In premarital counseling, I offer a safe space to explore values, to understand each other more deeply, to create open dialogue around potentially sensitive issues, and to practice ways of communicating that will support and nurture your relationship for the long term.

Through emotion focused therapy and intersubjectivity, guiding a couple to understand the systemic relationship between their choices and family relationships. Starting a marriage with effective communication tools and a strong sense of trust to begin a healthy marriage.

For more than 20 years, I have counseled couples at many stages of life. Premarital counseling encourages success in allowing a couple to learn and see how good a candidate each is for this particular relationship and testing the necessary ability to dialogue.

Often premarital counseling can feel like a box to check off before getting married, but this therapy can be invaluable in starting your marriage off on a solid foundation of communication and understanding. This work can be time-limited, 6-10 sessions, and planned to extend into the first year of marriage.

As a couples therapist, I have training and experience in offering premarital counseling using a combined Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy and Gottman approach. I tailor my services to meet each couple's unique needs.

While working in more traditional mental health settings, I often did extensive work with family\'s and couples. Helping couples assess, work through and develop a strong foundation for marital commitment is of great interest to me.

Trained in Gotttman Method Couples Therapy. Officiant for marriage ceremonies.

As a couple's therapist we work together to better your relationship, solutions to specific problems, and reduce feelings of distress. Good research on married couples say that 69% of problems are perpetual, and 31% are solvable and go away over time. So, the solution to this, is to select somebody who you can live with and cultivate ways to connect to yourself and enhance communication skills.

Premarital counseling is one of the most invaluable investments you can make for your marriage and life commitment. So many people wait years into their marriage to tackle tough issues that have come up along the way and remain barriers to relationship satisfaction. I have training in the renowned Gottman Method Couples Therapy and can teach you the research-based tools that work.

My work is focused on the many ways we prevent intimacy and genuine connection with one another due to internal and external obstacles. I also specialize in sexual issues among couples

Prepare Enrich Pre-Marital Counseling Certified Facilitator: This is a leading relationship program, built on a solid research foundation. It is custom tailored to for each couple and provides exercises to build relationship skills. I provide BOTH non-religious and religious based counseling. I am also happy to provide non Prepare Enrich premarital counseling.

Premarital counseling is a great investment to your relationship, and I support couples through this life stage. You will learn how to better communicate your needs resulting in more productive disagreements, and increase overall marital satisfaction. When engaged in premarital counseling, your union can begin and grow with healthy patterns established.

Premarital counseling is my specialty. I work with many couples before they get married to help identify areas of strength in their relationship and communication, as well as provide education about topics that tend to arise in long-term relationships and strategies to cope with them. Nearly all the couples I work with come in nervous but ultimately find the process fun and exciting.

We can look at marriage and unions as romantic decisions but I find that it is also helpful to view them as living and breathing contracts. What do you require from yourself and your partner in order to be satisfied by the relationship? I want to help you be clear about what you bring forward and what your partner does as well. What areas need to be expanded and what areas need to be shifted?

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