Sexual Problems

Many women and men experience trouble with sexual function at some point. Sexual problems can involve trouble during any phase of the sexual act (such as desire, arousal and orgasm). A sexual problem can occur suddenly or develop gradually over an extended period of time.  There are a number of specific sexual disorders, which are generally organized into the following four categories: sexual desire disorders, sexual arousal disorders, orgasm disorders and sexual pain disorders. Sexual desire disorders are characterized by a low libido or a lack of desire for sex. Sexual arousal disorders are characterized by the inability to respond normally physically during sexual arousal. In men, this may be erectile dysfunction, and women may experience vaginal dryness. Orgasm disorders are defined by the continuing delay or complete nonappearance of orgasm following a normal sexual encounter. Sexual pain disorders, which generally only affect women, are characterized by painful intercourse. The causes of sexual disorders can vary considerably but some influencing factors may include fluctuating hormones, aging, emotional strain, stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue, lifestyle, certain medicines (some antidepressants for example), chronic disease or past sexual trauma. A mental health professional can help a person or couple experiencing a sexual problem to identify the cause, learn ways of coping, and often, resolve it completely.

Local Experts in Sexual Problems

Like money, like family, it\'s not possible to be a competent couples therapist without knowing -- and having some training -- sexuality. Much of my training has been with Esther Perel, and I use her model when working with couples.

Training at The University of Michigan School of Social Work Sexual Health Certificate Program in Sex Therapy and Education.

I am an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist and hold a post-graduate certificate in Sex Therapy from the University of Michigan Sexual Health Certification Program. I treat specific sexual health concerns, such as desire discrepancy within your relationship, sexual pain (dyspareunia, vaginismus, vulvodynia, vestibulitis, etc), inability to orgasm, low sexual desire, and erectile/ejaculation issues.

Sexuality can be incredibly difficult to discuss, but critically important to our sense of personal happiness and well-being. We can work on finding clarity and understanding about anything that is of concern to you, ranging from personal insecurities and issues that affect your relationship to intimacy or fidelity concerns (and anything and everything in between).

I am sex-positive and specialize in sex therapy that is inclusive and non judgmental. Areas of focus are intimate relationships, pleasure, infidelity, sexual desire discrepancies, difficulties with orgasm, difficulties with erections and orgasm, lack of desire, pain and discomfort in sex, alternative sexualities and lifestyles, sexual abuse and violence.

Are you sexually frustrated, numbed out, ashamed, guilty, dis-interested, in denial, vulnerable, lost, or naive? Come find what has been holding you back. Learn how to get your needs met with integrity, courage, and the skills to care for yourself and your partners along the way.

I completed the sex therapy track at Thomas Jefferson University as part of my master's degree and have experience with paraphilia-related disorders, sexual health concerns, desire discrepancy issues, erectile/ ejaculation issues and sexual pain.

Sex is one of our greatest gifts and is also loaded with cultural and societal baggage. My background in cultural psychology allows me to help clients tease apart personal preferences from cultural expectations. I am not squeamish, am sexually informed and open minded, and believe sexuality is so much more than the sex act. It is a gateway to our essential self worth seeking.

I strive to create a comfortable atmosphere in session where we are able to explore questions or dynamics about sex and intimacy while honoring the difficult of some of these discussions. Engaging an intense topic like this benefits from the gentle and transparent approach that rests at the center of my work.

Sexual issues are often the least talked about, yet the source of many complications, misunderstandings, and hurt feelings. I believe everyone has the right to a healthy and fulfilling sex life. Together we can work through the issues that keep you from a satisfying sex life.

\'Sex is not a thing you do, it is a place you go.\' Esther Perel stated this and I could not agree more. Unfortunately many of us have not been given clear directions on how to arrive to this place of sexuality, sensuality, and pleasure. I feel confident in supporting you and your partner(s) in exploring, expanding, and healing your sexual relationship with each other and yourself.

Sex Therapy available for various sexual problems including sexual dysfunction and sex addiction. Sex therapy is also for anyone who is looking to improve their sex life through talk therapy. LGBTQI clients too please.

I can treat the most common challenges including the desire gap (differences in libido) and the orgasm gap (differences in achieving climax). In addition, I\'m a resource for those living an alternative lifestyle or sexual expression (ie: fetish, BDSM, other lifestyle), or struggling with ED, PE, genital pain, gender dysphoria, or concerns about sexual behavior or porn use.

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