The purpose of the coaching is to help an individual move forward and make changes in whatever ways they need assistance. Although coaching and other forms of therapy have much in common, they are sometimes differentiated by assertion that coaches work with healthy individuals to help them achieve their full potential and therapists (or counselors) work with clients suffering from mental illness or mental health problems. A client and a coach will generally set very specific goals that will focus on enhancing performance, improving relationships (personal or professional), or accomplishing a specific objective.

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With the current state of the world, sometimes results need to be immediate. We don't always have time to explore the roots of our challenges. Coaching can be a great way to tackle a problem at face value and get it taken care of and behind you.

Coaching is another way of describing problem solving. It is generally delivered by someone who has experienced the very thing they are assisting with. The coach has mastered both information and technique and can use the experience thus gained to help others do their best in the field of endeavor. Let me be a source of experience for you to draw on as you work to make your family uniquely yours!

Through Positive Psychology, which was not listed as an option, I will help build you up to see your strengths, then guide you to know how to use them to conquer your life stressors. I will be your biggest cheerleader, accountability partner, and BS monitor, depending on what you need for your success. I believe we all can live life full of joy and peace, & I am here to help you feel the same.

Much of my therapeutic approach is derived from the life coaching perspective. We return to our common connections by loving, honoring and valuing ourselves and others. Wonder, curiosity and inquiry are the source of all learning. I believe awareness is the precursor to choice. Finally, contribution based on purpose generates true fulfillment and that connection is the wellspring of creativity

ADHD Coaching, non ADHD partners coaching ADHD-nonADHD relationship coaching

Life coaching shifts the stories we tell about ourselves and each other away from pathology, aka the something here is bad/wrong story line. I am a counselor with 17 years experience but have found that we are all most powerful when we tell our stories from 'what matters and what works' instead. I invite you to experience this radically yet subtly different frame of reference with me.

The neurobehavioral model coaches parents and caregivers on how to effectively support their loved one by understanding the brain - behavior connection. Within this model are concrete tools for the parent to practice and then implement at home.

I have been offering academic coaching to students for over 20 years as a peer mentor, faculty advisor, acting department chair, and retention services coordinator. I help college age students, navigate systems, find mentors, create community, address oppression or bullying, define who they want to be, and succeed. More than 50% of my clients are students, staff, or junior faculty

Coaching techniques include clarifying your values and goals and the action steps that will bring these goals to life.

I utilize Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) for children ages 2-6 with behavior problems such as tantrums, defiance and aggression toward others. The 15-week course of therapy focuses on relationship enhancement as well as discipline strategies to improve behavior, and emphasizes concrete skill-building, live parent coaching and home practice.

Life changes - both positive and negative - can cause people undue stress, which often manifests itself in inertia or unwanted behavior. I work with clients to help them explore and own their strengths and areas for growth.

Do you need help crafting your next goal?\nAre you looking for your vision or mission in life?\nAre you at a crossroads?\nDo you know what you want, but you need someone to hold you accountable?\n\nI work with individuals and small groups, and I have a wide variety of tools and processes that will help you get where you want to go!

I am a Certified Life Coach with two years of training from the International LIfe Coaching Foundation. I am trained in Personal Growth, Business Development, Communication, and Goal Achievement. I have been providing individual, group and business coaching for 10 years.

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