The outbreak of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) is proving to be stressful, anxiety producing and overwhelming for many. Naturally, everyone is responding in different ways to the outbreak depending on factors such as health status, age, socioeconomic status, and so on. People who are experiencing the mental health effects of Coronavirus/COVID-19 may suffer from worry, fear, sleeplessness, health anxiety, changes in eating patterns, increased use of alcohol or substances, existential anxiety and hopelessness. Current mental health issues could increase during this time as well. A mental health professional can help you identity the root causes of your symptoms and help you find ways to cope and improve your quality life. All the counselors who treat issues related to and caused by Coronavirus/COVID-19 provide online counseling sessions so that you can receive treatment from the safety of your own home.

Local Experts in Coronavirus/COVID-19

This, like any crisis, holds both tragedy and opportunity. As we all attempt to cope with and apprehend this large scale global event, we are learning quickly what is and isn\'t working on both a personal and collective level; Many are wondering, with a sense of pre-emptive despair, if we will integrate these lessons. I am available to those who are seeking support around these sudden shifts.

As the COVID-19 crisis progresses, our daily routines have been thrown completely out of whack, causing a great deal of uncertainty (physically, emotionally, financially, relationally, etc.) As a clinical psychologist, I offer both general therapy, as well as urgent/crisis support for those in acute distress. I have immediate openings for telehealth/video sessions. Please feel free to contact me.

According to CDC restrictions the community needs to stay at home. We know that this can be a very hard physical distance is to keep us safe, but social isolation can exacerbate symptoms. I’m here as a therapist taking new clients that are interested in both video counseling or over the phone counseling. It’s one way to connect socially and to process through what you are feeling.

These are unprecedented challenging times and you don't have to go through it alone. We are all being affected by this. Together we can process anything that is coming up for you and I will support you to find ways to help ease the anxieties, fears, tensions, or pressures you may be feeling.

I am currently taking new clients who are experiencing any types of hardship due to the COVID-10 pandemic. I am offering teletherapy (phone and/or video) options to keep you, me, and the community as safe as possible.

COVID-19 is an ongoing traumatic experience that we are all dealing with. I can help you cope with anxiety, panic, and fear that is being triggered by the pandemic.

I'm here to support you in coping with and adjusting to life in the age of COVID. I offer a space to process the changes in your life and to proactively work on strategies for moving forward. Together we can implement skills for managing worry, create individualized self-care routines, and find purpose during this time of significant transition.

I offer tele-therapy to anyone dealing with this issue directly or having relatives that have been diagnosed. I also understand that this pandemic is creating a lot of strong feelings and offer therapy around these feelings.

Managing anxiety when you may have underlying issues thus at a higher risk. Managing social isolation.

We are offering phone and video sessions during this challenging time.

This is a massively stressful and devastating time. Sadly many of us are cut off from our usual sources of connection which help us get through hard times. I can help. I know strategies to relieve anxiety and sadness. I\'m skilled at sorting through and mending fractured relationships. I can offer guidance with parenting. And I can be a kind companion to get through these troubled times.

Telehealth Services

Career and Decision Counseling: Has your career or lifestyle has been affected by this crisis? Decisions are a particular challenge these days because there is so much uncertainty. I will be excited to help you think through your big and small decisions and get in charge of the parts of your life that you CAN control.

Having experienced many of the symptoms of COVID earlier this year, I have significant experience with being ill and having to navigate these times. The uncertainty and fear created by this global pandemic has created a new opportunity to explore our abilities to be resilient in the face of the unknown. I can support you in developing skills and practices that can keep you grounded and balanced.

You are not alone if you\'re experiencing a heightened sense of fear, isolation, anxiety or depression at this time. Somatic and mindfulness approaches to therapy are very helpful in times of overwhelm and crisis, and I am here to support you in these ways. If you reach out to me, I will respond within 24-hours.

Currently offering services by video

The current coronavirus pandemic has disrupted lives, increased feelings of stress, and challenged our ability to cope. In response to this crisis, I am offering a limited number of sliding-scale teletherapy appointments, via phone or video, to those whose incomes have been affected. I am here as a support for you to manage stress, adapt your routines, and find meaning in difficult times.

If you are experiencing anxiety, stress or other mixed emotions, you're not alone. The coronavirus pandemic is affecting our everyday lives in different ways. I am offering phone/video sessions. I help clients process their feelings and emotions around the pandemic, and guide them with healing tools to help them get through these times of uncertainty.

I offer affordable Mental Telehealth sessions to support you with the understandably big emotions you may be feeling right now. My sliding scale rates, as well as a number of pro bono spots are open for unemployed or front-line workers. You are not alone.

Feeling anxious about how COVID-19 is affecting or could affect your life and the lives of those you love? You are not alone! You are on high alert and the uncertainty associated with what you are experiencing is unprecedented. It will be the little things that you do for yourself right now that will help reduce anxious feelings.

I am offering support for anxiety related concerns around Coronavirus. Specifically mindfulness tools to assist you in staying in the present moment

Currently accepting telehealth clients and helping to manage fears and anxiety. PacificSource and First Choice health plans also accepted.

As a Financial Therapist, I am helping individuals and couples address the household financial consequences of COVID-19. Talking about money can be difficult. Developing clarity about this new financial reality can be difficult. Making decisions about how to spend limited resources can be difficult. I will be available if you would like help with these challenges...

COVID-19 has brought many challenges for people. I am here to support you in whichever form you need.

In an uncertain and scary world, where we are all encountering fear, losses and helplessness everyday, it is more critical than ever to reach out to and seek mental health support. I offer telehealth services and offer reduced rate slots with an aim to increase accessibility to all clients.

We are all undergoing a significantly impactful time right now dealing with the grief, trauma, shock, anxiety, and fear surrounding the coronavirus outbreak and pandemic. I am here to support you with teletherapy sessions to process this. I provide a focus on presence/mindfulness and compassion for ourselves as we navigate this.

I\'m here to support those who are struggling with how COVID-19 has effected ones life, in all areas!

Life has changed for us all, but the support can be stronger than ever. Experiencing isolation, anxiety, fear of the unknown, or just wanting to connect with someone, I am here to help navigate through these uncertain times. I offer Telehealth appointments via video or phone, and have availability for new clients.

Self-care, human connection and space to process our experience are more important than ever during these times of tremendous uncertainty. I\'m happy to offer virtual sessions that are impactful and restorative. Whether you\'ve been thinking about therapy for a while or are newly impacted by world events, now is an ideal time to take advantage of this opportunity for self-reflection.

What is arising for so many people are issues around isolation; and the range of emotions that come from that. And ultimately there is fear of survival; not only for ourselves but for those we love. When we meet these deep emotions, there is the immediate possibility to discover depths of peace within us we maybe never knew existed.

Because everyone is experiencing the impact of this pandemic, it can be difficult to find outlets to express what you are personally going through.\nI am here to offer experienced support for processing the shock, grief, fear, anxiety, and stress that you may be going through.

Offering same day and next day telehealth appointments. We will check your benefits for you.

The COVID-19 crises is effecting all of us in different ways. If social distancing has left you feeling isolated and disconnected or you are experiencing uncontrollable worrying thoughts, increased anxiety or depression, teletherapy can help. Through secure video sessions I will work with you to build coping strategies to manage your emotions and help you feel more connected.

We are all in this one together, and when facing this we are in partnership. I have a lot of experience prior to covid working with people who are isolated, people who face a great deal of stigma, and people with multiple health complications and risk factors. I'm happy to talk about covid whether it is dealing with isolation and quarantine, or supporting you if you've been directly impacted.

I am currently seeing clients over a secure telehealth platform. As a certified EMDR threpist I have experience treating people who have experienced trauma. Over the telehealth platform, I can help with processing this current pandemic experience and help develop coping skills to manage the related stress.

It may feel like life is completely on hold right now, but that doesn\'t mean that your mental health has to wait. Supportive mental health counseling can mean the difference between mental health crisis and healthy coping during this pandemic. Immediate sliding scale telehealth appointments available- a platform I have been using with clients for over 5 years.

Heather offers phone and video visits to help you manage your emotions and self-care during this challenging time. I prefer to use the term physical distancing so that we can continue to stay socially connected. Once we can meet in person again, we can continue virtually or meet face-to-face.

The global pandemic has exacerbated many emotional concerns. A crisis like this gives us an opportunity to strengthen our commitment to health for ourselves and our families. I can help you continue to grow and develop while we experience adversity.

The shocking and sudden change in our lives can be overwhelming. We can help each other through this. If you need help, reach out. We most often find more strength and resilience when connected to others.

The outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) may be stressful for people. Fear and anxiety about a disease can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions in adults and children. Coping with stress will make you, the people you care about, and your community stronger. Im here two assist you in getting through this whether personal our professionally.

As a result of COVID-19, we are living in a time which requires new ways of living and connecting. Let's travel through this new territory together. Talking to a therapist can help alleviate the sense of isolation that many of us are experiencing. I am offering online virtual sessions, that research has indicated are just as impactful as in person sessions.

This is a time trauma, uncertainly and profound grief and hardship for our community, our country and the world. If you are fearful and navigating stabilty and economic hardship concerns, health concerns, fear, stress or anxiety for you or a loved one, you are not alone. I would love to support you. Presently I am offering telehealth therapy sessions.

Distance learning and social distance policies present new challenges for parents and children. I offer behavior therapy that can assist parents who are struggling to manage new schedules and challenging behaviors as a result of COVID019. Additionally, I have openings for telehealth to help children and adolescents who may be experiencing increased anxiety and/or depression.

As a Board Certified Telemental Health Provider, I offer secure telemental health sessions online. Phone sessions if online is not possible.

In light of the current global pandemic, it is vitally important to tend to your mental health. If you are seeking support right now, I am available and ready to help you navigate this challenging time- to learn how to sit with uncomfortable feelings, validate the range of emotions, build resiliency, grieve, find peace and ease anxiety and depression. My appointments are conducted via tele-health.

The global pandemic of COVID-19 has introduced a myriad of new conditions that impact both our logistical and internal worlds. The effort to navigate all that is arising in us can be exhausting, and the unpredictability of the future is mirrored by the fickleness of our emotional responses. My work is to support healthy coping and emergence from this time changed in ways of your own choosing.

The world is nuts right now. We could all use some extra support.

Immediate openings ~ offering telehealth sessions to address issues related to the wide-spread impact of COVID-19. This pandemic has exacerbated other physical and mental health concerns; what an opportunity to strengthen our commitment to health for ourselves and our families.

Many are struggling with the fears and uncertainties connected to COVID-19. You are not alone! Reach out during this time and connect to talk.

As vital as air and water, feeling connected and safe are essential states of well-being. How do we tend the collective and individual impacts of Corona? Feelings of fear, anxiety, loneliness, anger and grief are expected yet can be challenging to navigate. Let's gather via tele-sessions to compassionately explore, allow, shift and perhaps realize greater connection and calm in the uncertainty.

I am offering a complimentary full session to new clients during this unprecedented time of social distancing as well as other stressors and changes. Life can be especially difficult to navigate while we also get the connection with others that we need.

As the world goes through this dramatic psychic shift, we are asked to reassess our priorities and decisions on how we want to live the second half of our life. I would be honored to act as your guide in this process and also help with the anxiety that comes with change.

COVID-19 is new to our world and causing individuals many symtoms of anxiety. Anxiety is your body's natural response to stress. It's a feeling of fear or apprehension about what's to come. If your feelings of anxiety are disrupting your life, you may want to reach out and find ways to decrease your symptoms. I use a somatic approach to address anxiety and bring peace to mind, body and spirit.

During any crisis we experience instability and shifts in the way we experience the world. This global pandemic is no different. Whether you are experiencing anxiety, depression, and panic for the first time or you find your symptoms have worsened, I am here to help you navigate these changes as we adapt to our new environments.

Can you EVEN BELIEVE this is happening? Me neither! But here we are. Please check my website for two COVID-related blog articles I recently posted, and please reach out if you are looking for therapy! I am happy to schedule a free 20-minute video session to see if it feels like a good fit for both of us. Everyone needs extra support right now!

No time like the present to learn skills to bring kind awareness and skillful attention to our experiences and relationships than now. My goal during the COVID-19 pandemic is to offer a virtual safe space for processing your fears and feelings, teach skills for managing stress and anxiety during this uncertain time, as well as find a sense of meaning and purpose as a source of inspiration.

This pandemic is affecting us all in a number of ways. Whether you’re feeling trapped because you’re alone, or because you’re stuck with people who drive you nuts; whether you’re panicking because you’re out of work, or because you face the unique challenges of being an essential worker; I’m confident that together we can find ways to help you better weather this storm.

Offering Video Sessions

In todays new reality, there is so much uncertainty and tremendous anxiety. I have immediate openings, anyone needing help please reach out. I am here to help. I am available for teletherapy and phone therapy.

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