Abuse can take many forms, including emotional, verbal, sexual, or physical. Regardless of the form it takes, abuse can cause lasting mental and emotional harm. Survivors of abuse may find themselves struggling with shame, guilt, anxiety, depression, anger, trust problems, or self-destructive behavior. A qualified mental health professional can help survivors of abuse, both children and adults, to recover from the trauma they have experienced. Family members of abuse survivors can also benefit from therapy, which can help them develop healthy and supportive ways of coping.

Local Experts in Abuse

Coping with an abusive situation, no matter how far it is in the past, can be devastating. I work from a compassionate, trauma-informed perspective that can help to safely untangle your experience from yourself and set you on the path to healing, integrating, and moving forward.

I follow trauma informed theories which recognize how abuse affects a survivor in the moment and long term. To address symptoms that are linked with surviving abuse, I approach treatment with a focus on relationship, safety, and empowerment. I have a background as an advocate at a domestic violence shelter and continue to be active with local advocacy programs.

Any form of abuse can have long-term implications on how individuals feel about themselves and those around leaving a feeling of isolation and depression. Sometimes all it takes is a safe place to begin to process and heal.

Whether you have experienced emotional, sexual or physical abuse. Abuse will impact your life in many different ways. Lets work together on the symptoms you are experiencing in order to make you have a healthier life. \n

My work at Allies in Change, a local organization that specializes in domestic violence, for a year during graduate school and gave me a great education about abuse and power and control issues. I also see a lot of clients who were physically, psychologically, or sexually abused as children, which often results in what's been named 'complex trauma.'

I commonly use EMDR to help people overcome the impact of physical, emotional and/or sexual abuse. EMDR is an evidence based, incredibly effective method for resolving trauma. I\'d be happy to talk with you more about this option if you\'re struggling with the impact of trauma in your past.

I am experienced working with individuals, children, and families around issues of abuse and trauma. I can support you or your family as you work through through past trauma. Some examples of traumas we may work on in therapy include child abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, violence, accidents, & losses. I am a competent, I warm, energetic practitioner, who will support you in this process.

I commonly work with clients with a history of childhood physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. I believe this kind of trauma greatly influences one\'s basic template of safety and belonging in the world and offer a safe space to complete the fight/flight/freeze threat cycle in the body, reclaim and heal memories, and integrate new ways of being in the world.

Abuse and trauma are excruciatingly painful violations that leave a human being with a range of complex and painful experiences. Whether it be one horrific event or many years of traumatic experiences, I have worked in depth with people struggling to find new paths out of their history. The goal of treatment is to contain the trauma and begin to live more outside of its web.

Recovery from child, spousal, and often times abusing ourselves. I work with generational trauma where we work on understanding the effects that parents and grandparents with mental health issues have had on your life.

Abuse (physical, sexual, emotional) is something that happens way too often in our society. If you\'ve survived abuse, like other survivors you may feel alone in your pain and unsure of how to deal with intense emotions. You also may not be aware of the incredible strength and resilience you possess to be here. Together, we can find ways for you to not only survive but thrive.

The disempowering experience of being an abuse victim can be hard to rise above. Through my massage practice I\'ve worked with clients who were working to accept & own their value, their right to positive relationships, and their worthiness of love & kindness. We work to identify, and reframe, the core beliefs that keep one in a dysfunctional, abusive relationship then strive for re-empowerment.

From my experience working in victims' services, I understand the profound impact that abuse of all kinds can have on one's mind, body, and soul. I provide a warm, safe, nonjudgmental space to navigate the pain of trauma without it overtaking you. Healing and relief lies on the other side and I will walk along side you to reach it.

Victims often feel they are being degraded and often don’t feel their abusers see their innate worth as a human being. The abuse often centers around control and they will use many harmful techniques to maintain and/or gain control over their victims. I have training and experience working with all forms of abuse and together we can create a safe space for you and break the cycle of violence.

If you have survived or are currently experiencing physical, sexual, emotional abuse, neglect or invalidation, oppression based on your gender idenity, sexuality, race, immigration status, ability, etc. I can help you heal. I have 23 years of experience working with trauma & oppression survivors & specific training in trauma informed and crisis services.

I understand that trust is earned. If you have suffered physical, emotional, or sexual abuse at any time in your life, it is normal to have difficulty trusting others. For the last decade, I have worked with survivors of violence to regain their sense of safety and connection. To discover that they are whole and strong despite what they heard or experienced and to live the lives they deserve.

Ashley utilizes Child Parent Psychotherapy with families with children ages 0-6 who are working to reunify and recover after incidents of alleged abuse or neglect. This intervention emphasizes safety, strengthens the parent-child relationship, and helps the parent better understand the child and the factors leading to abuse. CPP may be used with foster/adoptive families.

I have been studying abuse dynamics from a social justice perspective for many years, and received extensive training in abuse intervention through Allies in Change during my internship year in graduate school. I continue to put a lot of focus on healthy communication and conflict transformation in my work with clients.

I specialize in working with people who have experienced betrayal trauma. Betrayal trauma means that you have been harmed by someone you trusted or counted on in some way. This could include physical, sexual, or emotional abuse in childhood, domestic violence, or being harmed by an institution you trusted such as your workplace or school.

Abuse has many forms. Abuse is defined as when aggressors mistreat or misuse others; they often show little concern for the victims. Victims often feel they are being degraded and often don’t feel their abusers see their innate worth as a human being. The abuse often centers around control and they will use many harmful techniques to maintain and/or gain control over their victims. I have trai

I have had the privilege of participating in the healing of families whos children were removed from their homes due to abuse/neglect. I have also helped to rebuild the lives of battered women & their children, helped victims of abuse to rid themselves of the 'baggage' that often is carried as a result from the abuse. I see tremendous courage in all these clients.

Any type of abuse - physical, sexual, emotional, or verbal - is a traumatic experience. I utilize EMDR - a powerful therapy method that is designed to address trauma, including PTSD. Please see my website for more on this topic: http://www.ross-cohen.com/

Physical, Emotional, and/or Sexual abuse either current or in childhood.

if there are painful events or patterns that are taking too much of your time--preoccupying you--getting in the way of living well--individual therapy can provide a safe space to attend to these urgent experiences and the pressing feelings with their underlying meanings that need to be heard, taken serioiusly, and fully addressed. Together, we move through these at your pace.

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