Karen Corona

Karen Corona

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

LCSW (OR L5719) & (CA 25047)

I'm a licensed therapist with an office in Portland. I help women heal from childhood trauma to restore emotional well-being.

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8885 SW Canyon Road, Suite 135

Portland , OR 97225

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The inner prison of unresolved emotional trauma can feel like a 'war zone' in your mind and heart. Do you currently feel trapped in emotional pain and a hostage to your past? Are you often flooded with overwhelming feelings? Do you carry burdens in the form of core negative beliefs about yourself? The effects of childhood trauma can wreak havoc in your life and block you in manifesting your goals and dreams. But, there is hope and a pathway to emotional well-being and freedom.

My Approach to Helping

My approach to healing trauma involves beginning to work with the parts of yourself that surfaced to protect the more vulnerable, wounded parts. This often shows up as distressing symptoms and emotions along with 'survival skills'. While these emerged to help you survive, these strategies are often what are keeping you stuck and blocked from creating the life you long for. The strategies are no longer serving you. We work to understand these protective parts and their roles in order to release the aspects that are creating problems for you in your life today. The outcome of this is more harmony in your inner system and space for emotional well-being and a newfound freedom to flourish. In this process I often integrate expressive arts therapy as a way to externalize the feelings and gain increased self-awareness as a catalyst for making these desired changes.

My Values as a Therapist

The combination of my own healing & recovery journey along with my clinical training equips me to effectively work with women to heal childhood trauma and restore emotional well-being. This is my passionate purpose and I'm honored to do this specific type of therapy. I believe there is tremendous value to the 12 Step Programs of both AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) and ACA (Adult Children of Alcoholics and Dysfunctional Families) which can really compliment the therapy work. So often, a substance abuse problem shows up as a way to cope with emotional pain related to unresolved trauma. In my approach to healing family-of-origin issues, I integrate Internal Family Systems (IFS) and Expressive Arts Therapy (EXA) for a unique and yet evidenced-based treatment for trauma therapy. I know suffering up close and recognize that the darkness can block out the light of hope, but claiming a newfound freedom and awakening to a sense of wholeness is possible with trauma resolution therapy.

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