Congruent Therapy: Italia Hensley

Congruent Therapy: Italia Hensley (She/Her/Hers)

Marriage and Family Therapist Associate

MS, MFT Associate

Supervisor: Lori Henry, LMFT

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Portland , 97215

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Rate: $140-$200

Provides free initial consultation

Practicing Since: 2020


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Our Ideal Client

You are in a relationship with your partner(s) or a part of a family unit. You have gotten to a place you never thought you could get to with yourself or loved one(s); you feel unheard, unloved, and undervalued, but you love them, and that is why you are here seeking me, a couple, polycule, and family therapist. I have been where you are now; it is overwhelming, painful, and discouraging. I am here to tell you this happens for so many people, and there is hope and a path to where you want to be.

What I Specialize In

I work with many LGBTQIA2S+ folx, couples, and poly systems using an affirmative approach with empathy, curiosity, and compassion. I employ Emotionally Focused Couple therapy, which has been proven to work for couples and has empirical evidence, along with other modalities such as The Gottman Method, Narrative therapy, and Internal Family Systems.

Why I am a Good Fit for You

I believe that you are the expert of your life, I take a collaborative approach, and I am directive. I will hold you by becoming that secure attachment while we do our work, and in the same breath, I will gently call you out in a non-judgmental, caring way. But while I can give you insight and many tools, you're the most important factor to change.

Issues I Treat


  • Relationship / Marriage Issues External link

    Supporting you in fostering healthy and happy relationships, be that individually, couple, ethically non-monogamous, or polyamory, is my bread and butter. I believe in dependency and individualism in relationships. Many people do not like the word dependent, defined as "a person who relies on another." But what is a relationship? It is "the way in which people are connected." Connection and trust are the cornerstone of this. You must have both and it is my pleasure to help you find them.

  • Polyamorous and Open Relationships External link

    My work with poly and ethically non-monogamous clients is centered around supporting you and your partners to create fulfilling, rewarding, safe, consensual relationships. I can help you on your journey if you are just starting to question monogamy to seasoned individuals, couples, and systems that need extra support and guidance.

  • Self-Esteem External link

    I love working with individuals around self-esteem. Self-esteem work is vital to a healthy and happy life as an individual, in a relationship, and in the workforce. Let me help you melt away societal, familial, and relational constraints getting in the way of living your most authentic and congruent life.

  • LGBTQ Issues External link

    I work with many LGBTQIA2S+ around a variety of concerns. My approach is affirming and I create a safe place for you to be or learn who your authentic self is in a nonjudgmental environment. Our work is always going to be centered around empathy and safety, but also be challenging and rewarding.

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