Negin Naraghi

Negin Naraghi (she/her/hers)

Professional Counselor Associate

MA, Licensed Professional Counselor Associate

I offer therapy that is compassionate, relational, and trauma informed with a focus on mindfulness and nervous system regulation.

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Rate: $110

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Practicing Since: 2016


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My Ideal Client

Some key things that I support people with are: finding relief from anxiety through the cultivation of self-regulation and nervous system support, navigating loss and major life transitions, building inner trust and attunement to one’s needs, healing from traumatic events, past or present, exploring ways of living in alignment with one’s desires, and creating a relationship with one’s self that is rooted in compassion and acceptance.

How I Can Help You

Life unfolds in messy, beautiful, unpredictable and at times, immensely painful ways. As we make our way through it all, we often need support navigating the terrain of our inner world so that we can show up more fully to all that is happening in our outer world. If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed, disconnected, stuck or alone, then I’m so glad you found your way here. I know from my own life experience that finding the right person to support you in your healing is both a vulnerable and important task. I feel honored to do this work and I am perpetually in awe of our ability as humans to accompany and support each other as we heal and grow.

My Approach to Helping

I operate from the belief that each of us carries a great deal of wisdom, and that our own inner knowing is the key to our healing. However, sometimes the experiences we have been through and the systems we live in can disconnect us from that inner knowing. I also believe that we are relational creatures that benefit enormously from a supportive presence as we find our way back to ourselves. As your therapist, I will work with you to help establish an environment that allows you to tap into that inner knowing. In sessions with me, you can expect that I will work with you to create a state of balance and regulation in your body and nervous system. This will allow us to do deeper work without it being overwhelming. I will listen deeply as we explore things with compassion and care. I will ask you questions to help you process your thoughts, see things from new perspectives and get us closer to your truth.

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