Relationship / Marriage Issues

Occasionally, fights and conflict within a relationship or marriage are a fact of life.  But when the conflicts in your relationship are threatening your health and wellbeing, it may be time to seek help. Most relationship problems are caused, at least in part, by communication difficulties.  Seeing a mental health professional with your partner can help you develop strategies to improve your overall happiness and communication or target a specific conflict like anger, infidelity, money, sex, or household duties.  Marriage counseling can also help you and your partner reach an informed decision when considering divorce. Seeing a therapist for premarital counseling can also be very beneficial and help you and your partner work through any major differences and set reasonable and healthy expectations for your marriage.

Local Experts in Relationship / Marriage Issues

Relationships are not easy. Gender roles, kids, fiances, addiction, loss of intimacy, work can all drain the life out of even the best relationships. Learning to listen with openness and communicate with compassion can lead to major breakthrough for couples.

Issues within a partnership can be addressed as a unit, but sometimes the other person isn't available or they've already left. There is still growth and healing that can be done alone, to help you in grieving the relationship, feeling secure and confident in being single, or preparing to seek a healthier and more successful relationship.

How we experience our closest relationships can effect how we feel and behave. Feeling connected in our personal and romantic relationships can provide a sense of sanctuary and support in our lives, however when things go wrong we feel feelings that can be overwhelming. Increasing intimacy, experiencing feelings , finding new skills, and using open communication are my focus with couples.

We depend on one another, and each relationship requires maintainance and care. Although you may feel otherwise or heard otherwise there is nothing wrong with seeking support because relationships are challenging and each presents there own set of rules, negotiations, and conflicts. I can help you navigate your relationships.

Often times when relationship issues arise for couples corresponding issues emerge in each individual's life. My approach to working with couples comes from a mind/body orientation--acknowledging that the body influences the mind's state of being as well as the emotions. I incorporate the moving meditation of qigong into talk-therapy sessions with specific movements for couples in conflict.

For couples, my work will be focused on bringing you together around the strengths of your relationship. Within the hectic lives we lead, couples often struggle to communicate about their individual needs. Over time this leads to patterns of behavior between loving people that can spiral out of control. We will work to identify those patterns and stop them in their tracks.

I value and enjoy helping people create and maintain happy supportive relationships in which they can be at their best. I work with same-gender and male-female relationships as well as parent-child, sibling and work relationships. I have training in Gottman and other approaches such as dialogue. In relationship work, I am directive and support the relationship as my client where possible.

When our relationships are in a state of chaos it can overturn your entire life. When both partners can commit to working on themselves and open to healing the relationship - much can be done to calm the waters and invite safety and connection in again. I work with all kinds of relationships, and strive to help people build strong, resilient, healthy ways of being together.

I generally work with individuals, but what we talk about is their relationships. Like it or not how people related to us in our early life generally continues to impact our adult relating until we can recognize patterns & learn to manage the flood of emotions that can erupt when we are with the people you love most. Let\'s work together to repair old & more recent relationships.

Couples often come to therapy with the goal of improving patterns of conflict in their relationships and increasing their intimacy and connection with their partners. My work with couples incorporates behavioral interventions (CBT), emotionally-focused techniques, mindfulness (ACT, DBT) and attachment theory to help clients build healthier relationships.

All couples are welcome at Refresh Therapy. Whether you are dating, living together, engaged, married or anything in between—couples therapy can be a great way to improve your relationship. We believe that each couple has its own unique challenges and history, and we tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

Couples and family members are first trained in very basic active listening skills. Each client is then given 30 minutes to express their feelings, opinions and beliefs, while the other client responds using only active listening. Along with ensuring both clients adhere to the format and time limits, the therapist\'s role is to remain objective while pointing out behavioral observations.

Drawing on mindfulness practices and Emotionally Focused Therapy, I help couples to find greater clarity, ability to communicate, and intimacy in your relationship

Relationships are incredibly complex and often the source of many mental health concerns. My clinical work emphasizes the development of a healthy, autonomous self, including increasing appropriate boundaries and identifying personal values/beliefs, for guiding relationship action steps.

In my work with couples, I work primarily from a model called Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (often referred to simply as “EFT”). What I love about this model, simply put, is that it works. EFT has been well researched and has been demonstrated to be very effective with couples to facilitate lasting change.

I have attended training in Emotionally Focused Therapy in Seattle, NYC, and Portland. I have attended trainings by both Dr. Les Greenberg and Dr. Susan Johnson, author of Hold Me Tight, I am also familiar with the Gottman model.

Our current struggles are often rooted in our earliest attachment relationships. These early patterns live in our body, in how we perceive and interact. By attuning to these patterns in a collaborative and compassionate way, we can learn how to rewire them and discover renewed resilience and ease.

I believe that we are conceived in relationship and continue to move in, out, and through relationships our entire lives. These relationships teach us how to love, how to hurt, how to learn, how to exist in our bodies, how to judge and hold prejudice, how to forgive. They can bring. I am a dedicated relationship counselor and have pursued specific additional training for working with couples.

Though it may seem like therapy cliche, exploration of our attachment style in our family of origin is critical in the illumination of adult relational patterns. How secure we are in the world of relationships is influenced by our earliest attachments.  Are we trusting?  Or are we in anticipation of a betrayal?  Can we be authentic and transparent?  Or do we fear abandonment and rejection?

It is important for couple to have a place where they can identify patterns that may be disruptive to the relationship. A place where positive both parties can be heard and communication can be strengthened.

I bring compassionate, practical tools and a common sense approach that enables you and your partner to improve your communication, deepen intimacy, build trust and resolve long-standing issues, in an environment that is safe and non-judgmental. I work collaboratively to provide tools and results that feel durable and long lasting.

Interpersonal communication is the process by which people exchange information, feelings, and meaning through verbal and non-verbal messages: it is face-to-face communication. Interpersonal communication is not just about what is actually said but how it is said and the non-verbal messages sent through tone of voice, facial expressions, gestures and body language.

Relationships are a journey of navigating personal and shared life experience. I believe that couples are strengthened when they can address their difficulties, work towards a place of flexibility, and allow each individual to be themselves. I approach couples therapy as an opportunity for couples to learn about each other and to develop a shared vision of what they want their relationship to be.

Training in Gottman Couples Therapy

Couples choose to work with me for many reasons, but my approach particularly aligns with couples who have concerns related to failing to connect and/or understand your partner, navigating differing values, personalities and habits, two-career households, co-habitating, work/life balance, thinking about and/or making a long-term commitment, and life transitions such as the addition of a new child.

I love working with couples, especially couples with children. We naturally shift between issues that come up in the marriage and issues that come up with the kids.

As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I place high value in relationships. Identifying and removing barriers to connection is foundational in working on relationships in therapy. It is important to understand where the barriers have come from to assure they do not reappear later. This work is for anyone in any stage of relationship, ranging from dating to divorced and co-parenting.

Although I don\'t do couples counseling, I can help you have achieve a satisfying relationship. \n\nI work specifically with men in the area of developing relationships and recovery from divorce.

I have training in couples work and attachment work. Many clients struggle in their relationships. I support folks by utilizing our relationship for self-study and as a template for security that can be brought to other aspects of life. I also support couples in identifying the stuck places and finding lasting ways to move through them by utilizing experiential approaches.

Parenting a child with developmental disabilities and neurobehavioral differences can be stressful on a marriage and other family relationships. Through therapy, couples can gain a better understanding of their child which results in less overall stress and increased understanding of all involved (spouse, child, others).

Individual, Couple, and Family Therapy: I believe that the key to strong and enduring relationships is the development of a strong sense of self. While the goal for most couples is to create a deep sense of intimacy, developing a strong sense of self is a prerequisite to creating emotional connection. Initially, the primary focus in my work with individuals, couples, and families is the individual.

My training and background is in marriage, couples, and family therapy through Lewis and Clark. This training includes looking at concerns and patterns of interactions through a systemic lens and supporting all parties in addressing concerns and communicating needs.

So many of our challenges are rooted in our relationships with our romantic partners. Our romantic relationships are often our most precious, triggering, rewarding and conflict-laden relationships. Many of our conflicts in these relationships will never be resolved. We must learn to support our partners toward their greatest selves and vice-versa.

I\'m in your corner, whatever the hurdle. Relationships are tough, so is the process of finding a person who understands. I have extensive experience with non-traditional relationships including BDSM/ kink couples, non-monogamous, or other lifestyles. I take a collaborative, strengths focused approach using Gottman, EFT and systems approaches to reconnection.

Are you wondering if the relationship you are in will work out? Do you feel there are issues that you secretly wonder about, but you just don\'t know how to tell your partner? Has it been a while since your sex life has resembled anything you want it to? I can help you and your partner identify stuck patterns of functioning and communication, explore and heal past wounds and create positive change.

Relationships are critical in our lives. When they are in crisis, when we aren\'t communicating, when conflict abounds life feel awful. I specialize in working with couples who are seeking to find ways to reconnect, reimagine or enhance their communication and attachment.

I've worked with couples--both in relationship and marriage--for years, combining elements of Emotion Focused Therapy, Imago Relationship Therapy, and the Gottman Method in order to provide a compassionate yet pragmatic approach.

Living with an intimate partner is difficult. Marriage, committed partnership, and even new relationships touch us deeply and bring out the best and worst in all of us. Skillful guidance from a trained professional helps couples navigate the inevitable challenges and natural transitions that are part of living in relationship.

Everyone needs others in their life, yet everyone is unique. This can contribute to conflict and other difficulties. These difficulties can be most pronounced in romantic relationships and it's easy for bad habits of communication to lead to deep hurt. I want to help you understand your role in these dynamics in order to increase your ability to have successful and resilient bonds with others.

Love demands the reassurance of touch. Most fights are really protests over emotional disconnection. Underneath the distress, partners are desperate to know: Are you there for me?\nBy Sue Johnson, published on January 01, 2009

I use an emotion-focused, systems, and nonviolent communication approach to helping individuals and couples improve their relationships. We\'ll work on building compassion for ourselves and our partners, and practice reflecting what our partners might be feeling.

Not all relationships have to end when the going gets tough. In fact, conflict in a relationship is often a sign that growth is taking place. I help couples grow, both as individuals and together. Growth is a natural part of life, and often we are challenged to grow the most through being in a relationship. I help couples ease through the growth process in as smooth and satisfying way possible.

I love providing couples counseling. I have had advanced training in the work of John Gottman, Dan Wile, and Harville Hendrix. I was involved in a two year training program for Imago Therapy. To me, nearly all couples need to find new ways to communicate so that conflict can bring them closer to each other.

I am trained in Emotion Focused Therapy for couples and have completed the Gottman Level 1 couples training. I strongly believe that issues related to identity and attachment play a big role in our past/current relationships. I help my clients work though these issues for healthy and enduring relationships.

During our sessions we will review what is working and what is not working. We will identify your negative interaction cycle in the relationships, and take steps to break it down and improve it. I am trained in Emotional Focused Couples Therapy, through Edwards Psychotherapy. I also weave in Gottman strategies to build support. EFT Couples Therapy is highly regarded and extremely effective.

Relationships are fluid and ever changing. I work with couples and families identifying more effective ways to communicate and deal with conflicts. Conflicts are viewed as a means of asserting the need for balance in our personal and relational life. When these needs are communicated all parties involved work toward a compromise that is considerate of this balance.

Relationship problems often stem from unrealistic expectations about what our partners are meant to do for us. Therapy helps transform expectation into appreciation. In the end, our romantic relationships can be wonderful and deeply intimate friendships of mutual support and care.

I love working with people to help them find ways to live well together. I am open to seeing couples of all orientations and backgrounds. Some of the issues I specialize in are parenting, sexual issues, health, finances, infidelity and effective communication.

We are social creatures and thus we have a multitude of relationships of all sorts in our lives. I am very helpful with marriage and romantic relationship issues as well as with any interpersonal relationships (friends, bosses, relatives, acquaintances) that have become problematic.

Often times, coping skills that were helpful earlier in life become patterned ways of relating. While these can continue to serve us in certain situations, they can also get in the way of connecting meaningfully or can lead to conflict with those we love. In counseling, we can explore those patterns together and develop and practice new ways of relating and connecting.

Assisting coulpes to connect at 3 frequencies focusing on communication, and the risks of vulnerability and loss, constantly looking at mitigating the emotional impacts of each.

Relationship and marriage issues repeatedly surface in the clinical areas I specialize in (adoption, infertility, post-partum adjustment, post-traumatic stress). I see relationship challenges as opportunities to deepen into existential questions and desires for more authentic self-expression.

Do you feel like your relationship is spinning out of control and you keep having the same argument over and over again without making any progress? Using emotionally-focused therapy I help couples break out of unhelpful cycles and together work towards building a strong foundation for a happier and more secure relationship.

I work with women who would like to develop greater emotional intimacy in their close relationships. I help women feel more solid inside themselves, so they can speak their truth, and recognize their needs as legitimate. We increase awareness of old patterns that get in the way of authenticity & closeness. We explore how vulnerability creates connection and is fundamental to emotional intimacy.

Whether it\'s premarital counseling, exploring non-monogamy, or ending a relationship that\'s no longer meeting your needs, every stage of a relationship comes with its own challenges. Using a couple\'s assessment, skill building, and an approach that treats each relationship\'s unique structure as equally valid and important, I will help you navigate the road ahead.

We all deserve to have safe and healthy relationships. I want to help educate people what the difference is, and work on their relationships prior to possibly getting married, or deciding to stay together.

As a student of Terry Real\'s Relational Living, I embrace the principals of building and practicing respectful relationships, which often is learning to improve communication skills. Learning what you grew up in from your own family of origin suggests where some of the unhealthier attitudes grew out of.

Marital issues often arise when couples have to deal with a crisis or a loss of intimacy. Couples therapy can be a supportive place to address power issues, improve direct communication, and re-establish intimacy.

Relationships are the color in our lives. When they are going well, we tend to live healthier, longer, and more satisfied lives. I use Emotional Focused Therapy in working with couples.

I help partners identify undesired ways of relating, communicate in healthier and more connecting ways, and make different choices in relating. I use experiential and emotionally-focused counseling approaches to help couples experience better understanding, empathy, and skills in connecting with each other.

From the second we're born, relationships challenge us at our deepest level. Safety, vulnerability, shame, betrayal, commitment: they hit on our greatest fears and meet our fundamental needs. It's a place where we can grow the most and the fastest. I love working with couples because it's all right there in the room, in the moment, to be explored and unpacked and learned from.

Couple's Therapy can be sought for a multitude of reasons and one member of the couple may be more in favor than the other to seek out professional help. This is not unusual. I work with couples who are dating, married, same-sex, separating, divorcing, co-parenting-I believe that relationships are 'co-created' by the influence of each partner on the other and on the couplehood of the relationship.

Listening to your stories and really hearing your concerns, I can help partners identify and understand their needs and goals for the relationship. Possible outcomes: improved emotional understanding and connection, improved communication, improved sexual connection. Sex positive, queer-affirmative.

I primarily help individual women to enhance their intimate relationships by teaching them communication skills they can use with their partners, even if those partners are unwilling to participate in therapy. I also offer couples therapy on a case by case basis to highly motivated couples.

I have treated individuals and couples with relationship issues for over twenty five years.

Skilled and compassionate, I will help you build trust, deepen connections and improve communication.

I hold a Master's Degree in Marriage, Couples & Family Therapy and have completed Post Graduate Level 3 Gottman Method Therapist. Furthermore, life has provided me with practical experience in relationship and marriage issues as a Spouse, Parent, Grandparent.

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