Caitlin Beckwith-Ferguson

Caitlin Beckwith-Ferguson (she/her)

Marriage and Family Therapist Associate

Supervisor: Alana Olgive, LMFT

I help couples and individuals explore, understand, and express their emotions, needs and desires.

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Rate: $140

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Practicing Since: 2021

Languages: English


  • Individual
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  • Relationship
  • Teen

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My Ideal Client

My ideal clients are interested in exploring and developing a deeper understanding of themselves. These clients are willing to look inward and apply our work in therapy to life outside of session. Whether you are going through a life transition, experiencing relationship or sexual issues, or are feeling stuck in another part of your life, I find that engaging in deep and vulnerable exploration can lead to incredible growth and transformation.

My Approach to Helping

I seek to understand my clients through exploring the stories that they live out. I believe that the trusting bond built between the therapist and the client(s) inspires healing and growth. I work to see my clients fully, leading them to a deeper understanding of themselves. I bring a grounded presence, compassion, curiosity, and gentle guidance to the therapy room. Through our work together, you will become more able to express your needs and desires. I will support you in challenging narratives or beliefs about yourself that no longer fit, and changing patterns that are no longer serving you. Together, we will explore your past, present and future, examining how emotions and past experiences impact your interactions. I work from a trauma-informed, feminist, systemic lens, using emotionally-focused therapy, mindfulness, and narrative therapy. I hold a Master of Arts degree in Marriage, Couples and Family Therapy from Lewis & Clark Clark College.

Why I Became a Therapist

It is an honor to support you through moments of vulnerability, to affirm your identity, and to help you improve your relationships. From my own experience, I know that understanding your identity is a lifelong journey. I know how challenging it can be to acknowledge and effectively communicate your emotions, needs, boundaries and desires in a relationship. I strive to help my clients create connection, safety and security as well as a sense of adventure and exploration in their relationships and in their lives.

Techniques I Use


  • Emotionally Focused External link

    I use emotionally-focused therapy to help couples connect in a deeper, more vulnerable way. So often, couples are caught in a negative cycle of interaction. We will identify your attachment needs and your emotions and work towards expressing them openly to each other. I have completed these trainings: Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy (EFIT): Attachment-based Interventions to Treat Trauma, Anxiety, and Depression training Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy – ICEEFT Externship

  • Mindfulness-based External link

    I use mindfulness-based therapy to help you bring awareness to your thoughts, feelings, and bodily experiences, working towards enabling you to non-judgmentally accept them. Together, we will approach your experience with curiosity. We will work on regulating your emotions through breath and increasing your ability to be compassionate towards yourself.

  • Narrative  External link

    I often hear clients tell me, "I should be doing this." I ask, "Where did you learn that?" Together, we will examine the socio-cultural narratives that have impacted the way that you perceive yourself and your relationships. We will consider what narratives fit and what do not fit. We will explore the story that you are currently living out, leading you to a deeper understanding of yourself. We will work to re-story your narrative so that you feel empowered in your own life.

Issues I Treat


  • Postpartum External link

    I completed the labor and postpartum doula training at Birthingway College of Midwifery and bring this knowledge to my work. I understand that pregnancy and postpartum is a huge time of transition. I will support you through making sense of this new identity and huge new responsibility. We will explore how it impacts your relationships and your sense of self. We will celebrate the joy you experience and honor the hardship of this journey.

  • Polyamorous and Open Relationships External link

    Opening up a relationship can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. Together, we will explore ways to make this relationship feel safe and secure, as well as exciting and explorative. We will discuss your boundaries, needs, and desires. We will examine socio-cultural narratives about relationships to find what fits and what does not. We will unpack your emotional responses to this experience in order to create a deeper connection between you are your partner(s).

  • Relationship / Marriage Issues External link

    As a Marriage and Family Therapist Associate, I am trained to work relationally with people in all relationship configurations. I consider how your relationships impact your sense of self and the attachment experiences that you bring into your relationship. Together, we will work to deepen your connection with your partner(s), helping you become more able to express your needs, boundaries and desires.

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