Jae Douglas

Jae Douglas

Social Worker


Jae Douglas is a social worker in Portland OR. She works with adults of all ages, especially those experiencing major life transition.

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1020 SW Taylor St.

4th Floor

Portland, 97205

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Rate: $150-$225

Provides free initial consultation


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My Ideal Client

I am particularly passionate about working with people experiencing or contemplating major life changes due to health, relationship or professional challenges. Many of my clients come to me feeling disoriented, overwhelmed by uncertainty, fear, and sorrow, and facing decisions in the context of the loss of the familiar. For people facing a life-threatening illness themselves or in a significant other, my focus will be on preparing for and navigating the process and meaning of dying and death.

My Background and Approach

I utilize cognitive-behavioral and strengths-based therapies to explore the experience and meaning, as well as the challenges and opportunities, present in major the changes that they are experiencing. In session, we focus on grounding tools to develop and utilize strategies to calm and ground yourself in the present, and to imagine and realize a future when you will feel stable, healed and whole.

My Values as a Therapist

I strive to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere that is thoughtful, active and engaging. I believe it important to create a safe space for clients to explore their history and life story with openness and curiosity. I focus on supporting and guiding clients in exploring how their life experience, skills, strengths and insights can be brought to bear on their current situation so as to find and move authentically and positively forward.

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