The DBT Clinic

The DBT Clinic

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DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) focuses on skills to manage emotional and interpersonal challenges, especially depression and anxiety.

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2104 SE Morrison St.

Portland, OR 97214

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Practicing Since: 2012

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Our Ideal Client

Life can be messy and feel overwhelming, and sometimes we can feel ill-equipped to handle it effectively. We might find ourselves having a difficult time controlling our emotions and reacting in ways that we later regret. Perhaps we blow up at others, pushing those closest to us away; or we might turn on ourselves with self-criticism, self-harming behaviors and/or thoughts of death. We can find ourselves trapped in troubled relationships, or stuck in worry and despair.

Our Approach to Helping

Simply put, DBT teaches people how to live well. It doesn’t matter the diagnosis, or even if there is no diagnosis. If one has a model of strategies and skills to deal effectively with the inevitable stress that is part and parcel to the human experience, one is better equipped to manage their life more effectively. One can learn to create “a life worth living”. There are four skills sets: 1) Core Mindfulness; 2) Distress Tolerance; 3) Emotion Regulation and 4) Interpersonal Effectiveness.

Social Justice Issues We Care About

We, The DBT Clinic of Portland, stand in solidarity with the fight for racial equality. We continually scrutinize our company’s policies, procedures, and hiring practices. We engage in ongoing conversations around our Mission Statement and Inclusivity Statement that act as our guide to serving our community. And in full support of our statements we also have a multi-point plan of action that guides continuing therapist training and company practices, ensuring that our practice acknowledges the intersectionality of every experience and interaction, decolonizing our therapy and research. We are constantly growing and maturing to better show up for our community and those most underserved.

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