Jen Dobie

Jen Dobie (She/Her)

Licensed Clinical Social Worker


We all hold the wisdom we’re in need of - sometimes we just need support connecting with it.

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2304 E Burnside Street

Suite #104

Portland, OR 97214

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Rate: $70-$175

Provides free initial consultation

Practicing Since: 2013


  • Individual
  • Teen

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My Ideal Client

Change is hard. Yet, so is the unrelenting sense of unresolve, stress, shifts in mood and energy, pain and discomfort. What would we come to know if we worked with what’s first felt and held in your body? What if we were able to connect what you notice in your body to the way you feel, think and respond? Are you someone who wants support understanding your body's wisdom, cues and resources? Together, we can move toward change, find the limiting patterns and make meaningful connections.

My Approach to Helping

Through a somatic informed, body-centered approach, I don’t just listen to your story (and the many stories that reinforce your beliefs about yourself). I also pay attention to the ways you move and hold yourself. This is how we begin to notice the stuff showing up in your life automatically and unconsciously. We’re looking for limiting patterns - the ones that keep you stuck, while also understanding these patterns likely formed as an attempt to cope with pain and discomfort. I believe healing happens in relationship - to parts of self, others and in community - and that how we feel in our bodies, our hearts, our minds and our spirit intersects with systems of power and oppression, culture, where we come from and how we identify and express ourselves within our lived experience.

Why I am a Good Fit for You

My work as a therapist is grounded in humanistic psychology, meaning I won’t see you as a problem to be solved, instead I tend to look at personal difficulties in light of new experiences that want to happen, just haven’t yet. I see the work as supporting you so the right kind of internal information becomes available, where together we experiment, look for limiting patterns and consider new insights and resources, instead of getting stuck in the same place over and over again. I’ve been practicing clinical social work in hospitals, residential treatment centers, community mental health and private practice for the past 10 years. I’ve worked in rural and remote Canadian territories, urban indigenous communities and here in Portland since 2017. I'm committed to integrity and a values-driven practice.

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