Noël Quigley

Noël Quigley (they/them)

Licensed Professional Counselor


I cherish meeting clients where they are and walking alongside on their unique path.

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Rate: $175-$250

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Practicing Since: 2017


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My Ideal Client

Your body and brain are so resilient, doing their best to help you out of hardest times. Long after surviving, the methods your resilient brain and body used to get you through those tough times might be contributing to continued distress as they are no longer serving you as they once did. Maybe you isolate from others, turn to food or busy schedules to avoid, tear yourself down, or numb yourself out in order to try to protect yourself from pain and suffering. You are ready to find a new way.

My Background and Approach

I take an integrated, holistic approach to the therapeutic journey. Pulling from talk therapy, working with the body (somatic - including movement, breathing, nervous system integration), meditation and mindfulness, IFS informed parts work, and more, we collaborate on the treatment approach that best suites your needs/dreams/goals. I encourage integrating outside practices and practitioners, knowing that each individual journey requires unique tools. I believe humans are drawn to find ways to find and feel connection. We have a natural ability to connect with others as well as ourselves, and this natural ability it shaped and altered by situations throughout life. Connection can also feel hard, uncomfortable, strained, and uncertain...feelings in conflict with another natural need, to feel safe and comfortable. Whether you are feeling anxious, loneliness and isolation, worry, depression, a disconnection with your own needs or wants or any other emotional experiences, you are whole.

My Values as a Therapist

I believe that we are all naturally connected and wired to connect, and that profound healing happens in relationships. When you experience trauma, whether one large traumatic event or smaller incidents over time, relationships with self and others can become strained and it can feel challenging to connect. In this you are not alone. Additionally, in that I believe we are all unique, I believe we all have a responsibility to one another. I am a queer, trans non-binary, chronically ill, neurodivergent, white therapist from the south living in Portland, OR. I am committed to mutual aid efforts and continue to navigate how I can personally and professionally uphold my values of community, accessibility, compassion, and more. With a mindset of cultural humility, I know that there is much that I can know and can learn about experiences other than my own, but that I will never know what it is like to live an experience other than that of my own cultural background, identity, and position.

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