Alexa Adams

Alexa Adams (she/her/hers)

Licensed Marriage Family Therapist


Hello! Specializing in couple's therapy, my goal is to help individuals connect with one another on a deeper, more intentional level.

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825 NE 20th Ave

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Portland, 97232

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Rate: $115-$240

Provides free initial consultation

Provides telehealth services

Practicing Since: 2016

Languages: English


  • Individual
  • Relationship

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My Ideal Client

You feel like you and your partner are disconnected from each other with trauma, family, past relationships, communication breakdowns, and/or misunderstandings filling the space between you. You have become so lost in your disconnection that you are struggling to find a way back to the relationship. You want to be able to re-connect on a deeper, more intimate level and help silence the ghosts from the past that continue to separate you. You want to be able to feel love and trust again.

My Approach to Helping

We all bring our unique selves, our pasts, and family histories into each relationship. It can be challenging to find balance and harmony with so many different factors interacting with and against each other. I absolutely believe that everyone can benefit from relationship therapy. I love working with and discovering the intricacies each relationship holds. I am also dedicated in my work with complex trauma, both on the individual level and with how trauma interacts with the relationship system. I do not hold tight to one particular model due to the complexity and uniqueness that each client brings to the therapy experience. I tend to pull from narrative, structural, strategic, and emotion-focused therapy approaches. I love experiential therapy techniques and will often bring these into the room. I also utilize my intuition and energy that each client brings into the space.

Issues I Treat


  • Historical Trauma External link

    I have extensive training and experience in working with historic and complex trauma through my time providing mental health services for NARA, NW and Wolf Pack Consulting and Therapeutic Services. As a relationship therapist, I understand how impactful historical trauma can be on a relationship system.

  • Gender Identity External link

    During graduate school, I interned at TransActive Gender Center, providing mental health services for transgender/gender non-binary youth, adolescents, and their families. I continue to provide affirmative care for the community and their families.

  • Relationship / Marriage Issues External link

    I have worked with relationships for most of my career and am passionate about the work. I focus on increasing awareness for interactional patterns, power dynamics, impact of trauma, attachment issues, and improved communication.

  • PTSD External link

    The majority of my professional life has been spent working with and developing a trauma-informed and guided approach to therapy. I have been providing mental health services for individuals and couples impacted by trauma and PTSD. In May 2019, I co-facilitated a workshop demonstrating differing interventions for how clinicians can work with relationships that are impacted by trauma.

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