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Kathleen Thompson (she/her)

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Let's explore what could be and how to be you.

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Rate: $90-$150

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Practicing Since: 2012

Languages: English


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My Approach to Helping

I have a very process, relational style. I am trained in many different methods to help people understand why we do what we do & to learn betters ways of coping & relating. How we learned to connect to others in our early years impacts us everyday. Let's work on new ways of connecting & being in the world.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I have training in Career Counseling, Addiction recovery & relapse prevention; couples therapy & attachment styles; Healing from trauma including EMDR & Lifespan Integration. I also work with adults who are neuro-diverse (Autism) including testing/assessment. Let's work together to build strong relationships or find meaningful work.

Techniques I Use


  • Attachment Theory External link

    Attachment Theory is about discovering that how a person was cared for & related to in their early years still effects us. When we were young we learned if the world was safe or not. To make us feel safe we isolated or became people pleasers. These patterns continue on into adulthood & can be very disruptive to relationships. There are ways to feel emotionally safe so you can thrive.

  • EMDR External link

    EMDR is becoming widely used to treat trauma. This method helps the body reveal what has been hidden from our consciousness related to past trauma or painful events.Chronic overwhelming feelings often indicate the body is working hard to manage outward stress/experiences while managing inward fears from the past. It is possible to feel more at ease in your body as well as move forward in life.

  • Family Systems External link

    For over 100 years the field of Psychology has made the patient/client feel like they were the problem. What would it mean if you realized that the role you took on as a child is still impacting you today. Many people do not realize that when it comes to family dynamics we actually had few choices in how to act or be. By examining your family system we can discover the authentic you.

Issues I Treat


  • Drug Dependence / Abuse / Addiction External link

    Humans do not want to feel pain & love to repeat things that feel good. Every person I know who misuses substances/gaming/sex/gambling has been to avoiding bad feelings generally related to their past. Add the chemical component in our bodies & you get people who keep doing what they should not do despite how much loved ones beg for it to stop. It is time for you to start feeling & living better.

  • Abuse External link

    Very often people feel stuck in their work OR feel like their career has not even started. Being in a job that is a poor fit can be frustrating & even lead to depression. This impacts our personal life & relationships. Further, the rapid advancement in technology is creating new opportunities, but can seem overwhelming to know where to start. Lets put our heads together to see what is possible.

  • Relationship / Marriage Issues External link

    I generally work with individuals, but what we talk about is their relationships. Like it or not how people related to us in our early life generally continues to impact our adult relating until we can recognize patterns & learn to manage the flood of emotions that can erupt when we are with the people you love most. Let's work together to repair old & more recent relationships.

  • PTSD External link

    There is so much new information coming at us about PTSD. Basically, it is when we feel hi-jacked by our senses/body because of past events that were (or seemed) life threatening. These experiences can be from combat, Domestic abuse, accidents, but more often from chronic difficult childhood experiences. It is time for you to heal.

  • Autism External link

    Many adults wonder if they have Aspergers or Autism because work isn't going well, relationships are a struggle & stress is difficult to manage. Understanding how your brain & body works is the most important way to move forward. We can work together to determine if you are neurodiverse & to find your niche vocationally as well as building confidence in relationships.

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