Jon Fox

Jon Fox

Licensed Professional Counselor


I use mindfulness-centered, somatic therapy approaches to help you discover your unique strengths and inner resources.

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Practicing Since: 2012

Languages: English


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My Ideal Client

Do you find it difficult to get your own needs met in relationship, taking care of everybody else but yourself? I can help you become empowered to create more balanced, rewarding, and successful relationships in your life. Do you feel lonely, distant, and disconnected from your partner or other important people in your life? Through our work together you can achieve greater trust and intimacy with others.

How I Can Help You

I draw from gentle and highly effective mindfulness-based, mind-body approaches to counseling. These approaches help clients make profound changes and rapid progress towards their goals. I received a Masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Portland State University in June 2012. I completed my internship at the M.E.T.A.(Mindful Experiential Therapy Approaches) Counseling Clinic in Portland, Oregon, where I counseled individuals, couples, and groups. In June 2013, I graduated M.E.T.A.’s Two-Year Comprehensive Training in Hakomi, RC-S, attachment interventions, and trauma release methods.

My Values as a Therapist

Like you, I’ve struggled with old emotional wounds and hard to break habits that have inspired me to embark on the path of increasing my self-awareness, self-acceptance, and sense of connection with others. I believe in your innate wholeness and value your unique situation, perspective, and path. I know the importance of creating a safe, secure, and open relationship with you that can guide and support your growth and healing and allow you to explore your creativity, passions, and connection to your inner guide.

Techniques I Use


  • Emotionally Focused External link

    I use Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) with couples to help clients understand their deeper emotions and needs and communicate them in an effective way to their partners. EFT focuses on our attachment styles, wishes and longings, along with needs important to our personal identity. EFT is one of the most evidence-based, effective modalities to help couples find increased connection, reduce conflict and improve communication.

  • Hakomi External link

    Hakomi is a body-centered psychotherapy based in mindfulness that believes that change happens through accessing the interface between our mind and body. Using this method we can uncover core beliefs and psychological patterns and revive the body’s knowledge as a resource. Increasing our awareness and enabling emotional release at this deep level of ourselves, change becomes attainable.

  • Mindfulness-based External link

    My main approaches to therapy blend Eastern wisdom with Western science and include the use of mindfulness. I draw from Hakomi and RC-S (Re-Creation of the Self) approaches that allow us to uncover unconscious motivations for our behavior, hidden strengths we never knew we had, and cultivate a compassionate and non-judgmental attitude towards ourselves and others.

Issues I Treat


  • Relationship / Marriage Issues External link

    In our individual or couples counseling sessions you can learn: How to communicate your needs to your partner in a more effective way; What are your spouse’s triggers and how do you use this knowledge to prevent fights and also learn to repair the damage when things go awry; How to treat your partner with compassion and empathy to foster greater understanding, respect, and acceptance.

  • Codependency External link

    If you tend to regularly sacrifice your own needs in a relationship to meet your partners and feel resentful about this, you may be using a codependent strategy in your life. Over time, this can lead to depression, anger, anxiety, lack of self-esteem and sense of who you are. Your needs are important too. I like helping individuals and couples create more balanced and rewarding relationships.

  • PTSD External link

    I practice trauma therapy using mind-body counseling approaches which enable you to feel the connection between the traumatic memories stored in your body and the thoughts, beliefs, and habits that cause problems for you throughout your life. With my body-centered approach, healing these wounds becomes attainable. Together, we can propel you to feel comfort, ease, and vitality in your life again.

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