Dan Harold LCSW

Dan Harold LCSW (He/Him)

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Hi I'm Dan and I'm a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Portland, OR.

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2705 E Burnside suite 108

Portland, 97214

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Rate: $125

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Provides telehealth services

Practicing Since: 2007

Languages: English


  • Individual
  • Family

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My Ideal Client

The clients in my practice are a combination of families and adults working on various ideas and practices in their lives. The various identities and experiences that my clients and I talk through are wide ranging and too personal to capture in words. The people I work with are inspiring to me in the way they show up to our appointments.

My Approach to Helping

I see the client-therapist relationship as collaborative. I take an approach based on building a relationship with my clients where I remain present, in tune with, and paying attention to personal themes. I appreciate hearing someone tell their story to me. I also like working on accessing core feelings, building the ability to tolerate these feelings, and focusing on what is effective in your life. I bring enthusiasm and creativity to this work. The clients I have worked with have been courageous and open in their stories. I have experience working with people going through major life changes as well as working on what we call "mental health" "problems", "addiction", and trauma related work. I have a laid back and personal approach, and I am also going to offer you honest and direct feedback.

Why I am a Good Fit for You

My professional experiences are working at various levels of care in various medical and mental health systems. I began my career as a child and family therapist. I then went on to practice at a substance use treatment center. The most recent experience prior to my practice, was treating patients at a pain management center. I specialize in Chronic Pain and Trauma. I work with both Individuals and Families. I have extensive trainings in my fields of practice, as well as a personal passion for my work which leads me to various books and teachers who I identify with. Thich Nhat Hanh, Peter Levine, Phd, Stephen Porges Phd and Gabor Mate, MD are among teachers and authors that I have found inspirational. In my personal life, I am in my own process. I was born and raised in Portland, OR. I am married with 2 children. I have a deep appreciation for my family and friends, the outdoors, staying active, food, and music.

Techniques I Use


  • Relational  External link

    The relational approach is built on this idea that the therapist and the client will develop a close relationship, build on strengths, and then use that closeness to work through issues and find ways of tolerating emotions. By being a relational therapist, I am using my 'self'. I will tell you the truth about what I am experiencing in our work, as a friend, NOT as an authority figure.

  • Narrative  External link

    Narrative is a perspective and a style. I believe each client is entitled their very own reality. I believe we all benefit from a safe way to tell our own personal stories. My narrative work allows for a certain type of conversation that you may not have had before. Your story and your reality that you see and experience matters to me.

Issues I Treat


  • Men's Issues External link

    Gender is a human concept created by humans through our language and our cultures. I work with Cis-Gendered people and non binary people on a range of life issues. Some of what I do works around sexual performance, self esteem, career related issues and relationship issues. Healthy sexuality, self confidence, body/food/eating issues, and clarifying gender identity are also areas I have experience with from a "gender" point of view. I look forward to hearing YOUR STORY.

  • Chronic Pain or Illness External link

    Chronic pain can be suffocating. The endless visits to providers, some of whom don't even trust that you are in the pain you describe. The loss of previous freedoms and activities. Physical pain can lead to depression, anxiety, and panic. There is evidence that therapy can reduce stress and therefore reduce and/or help pain. My hope is to connect with your personal/unique story. From there we can break isolation and develop your personal story.

  • Family Conflict External link

    How we experience our closest relationships can effect how we feel and behave. Feeling connected in our personal and romantic relationships can provide a sense of sanctuary and support in our lives, however when things go wrong we feel feelings that can be overwhelming. Increasing intimacy, experiencing feelings , finding new skills, and using open communication are my focus with relationships and families.

  • PTSD External link

    The word trauma has come to mean so many things at this point in our culture. I hope to create a safe and caring space to talk about your story. We can talk through what best suits you. The clients I've had a chance to work with have amazed me in their strength and wisdom. This work will be done at your pace with your preferences in mind. In my practice I have found that the telling of our personal stories along with learning to fully inhabit our bodies, over time, can heal trauma.

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