Linnea Stenhouse

Linnea Stenhouse (She/Her/Hers)

Licensed Clinical Social Worker


Attuned presence and care as you explore the safety and ground within, stepping further into your agency, strength, and unique identity.

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2629 NE Flanders St

Portland, 97232

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Rate: $220-$275

Provides free initial consultation

Practicing Since: 2013


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My Ideal Client

We might be a good fit if you are a helper by profession or lifestyle; have a loved one experiencing mental health distress; in a major life transition; seeking gender affirming care; processing grief and loss, communication challenges, relationship difficulties; feeling safe in the world; being a sensitive person. I value authenticity, transparency, and curiosity. My approach is mindful, relational, radical, and existential.

My Background and Approach

You know change is constant, and yet, it can knock the wind out of you. It is often disorienting, unsettling, and can call into question basic assumptions you have about yourself, your identity, your relationships. Even when you’re moving in your desired direction, adjusting to change brings up a lot of shit. To complicate matters, you may have unknowingly created complex internal systems to bypass or avoid painful aspects of your life throughout your development. Over time you grow, adapt, change, but old worn out ways stubbornly stick. Therapy can be a space to shed through old skins that no longer fit, discover new ways of being, and explore and process yourself, your relationships, community and context. My approach is relational, collaborative, liberatory, and trauma-informed. I practice with transparency and believe in a non-hierarchal approach to healing. To learn more about my approach, please check out my website!

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I pay attention to and am curious about, how power and oppression show up in and outside of the therapy room. I believe we are wounded not just by individual life experiences, but by collective and historical forces, lineages of power, oppression and privilege, and present day context. My commitment to this radical practice includes ongoing evaluation of how my whiteness, femmeness, queerness, and the myriad of other identities and experiences I’ve had, show up in my role as therapist and beyond. My lens of considering layers of context includes existential perspectives and the mystery of our broadest context of living (and dying) as human beings. I love to zoom into the minutia of our nervous system and its response to daily life and also zoom way way out to the absurdity of our existence as strange beings on a floating ball. Considering our many layers of living can help cultivate mindfulness of the present moment and place us in the room in a more meaningful and alive way.

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