Ryan Grassmann, M.A., LPC

Ryan Grassmann, M.A., LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Hello, I appreciate the effort it takes to find a counselor that best fits you. You can do this!!! Don't give up!!! It gets better.

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1235 SE Division St

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Portland, OR 97202

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Rate: $190-$225

Provides telehealth services

Practicing Since: 2015

Languages: English


  • Individual
  • Group
  • Relationship

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  • First Choice Health
  • Medicaid
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My Ideal Client

My clients occupy a broad demographic space. I treat people on an individual, group, and relationship basis here in my office and via telehealth. I work best with those that desire to build a safe and reliable working relationship. My clients are invited to view me as a helper; a life agent. I treat people that identify anywhere on the gender, racial, and sexual spectrum. I treat people who sense that it's time to take action, who are ready to collaborate with a therapist that they can trust.

My Approach to Helping

While my therapeutic approach is grounded in the cognitive-behavioral practices, I integrate numerous other useful modalities, like Animal Assisted Psychotherapy, Existential-Humanistic Psychotherapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Emotion Focused Therapy, Gottman Method (relationship therapy), Relational Life Therapy (relationship therapy), and more. My relatable style allows for our work to progress along a seamless path that's curated for each individual. No two clients are the same, and no two courses of therapy are the same. The process evolves along with us.

Why I Became a Therapist

Like many in the helping professions, my motivation to pursue this work arose from my lived experience. Like so many of us, I've endured pain and suffering. As a result, I noticed an innate response to help; people, animals, even the environment. I use my entire life experience in harmony with my education and training. I don't know of any other way that would be more congruent with my core personal and professional values. A bit about my journey into the art and science of my training- I earned a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from Pacific University School of Professional Psychology where I learned the ethical practice of evidence-based integrative healthcare. I also completed a concentration in organizational behavior or "work psychology." I earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology from Portland State University with a strong focus on neuroscience, cognition, and philosophy of medicine. Earlier, in my pursuit of justice, I earned a Paralegal Science degree from PCC.

Techniques I Use


  • Couples Counseling External link

    Professionally, I find that the Gottman Method, Relational Life Therapy, and Emotion-Focused Couples Therapy all have proven to be effective in defining, treating, and resolving relationship conflicts. With helpful companion books and weekly therapy sessions, change can occur quickly. Those in relationships often find that loving support and trust lie just underneath the fear and hurt. I teach people how to repair ruptures, identify and transform shame, and confront concerns with skill.

  • Cognitive Behavioral (CBT) External link

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy assists the client in helping to change unhelpful thoughts into thoughts that are more beneficial, and often more accurate! CBT addresses those troublesome core beliefs about yourself, others, and the world around you. Often clients find that re-framing these thoughts by challenging them results in more rational thinking and doing.

  • Humanistic  External link

    In conjunction with the numerous forms to cognitive-behavioral therapies I use in session, I also take much pleasure in introducing clients to the benefits of doing our work as two humans. I'm a person; you're a person. This cannot be avoided, nor should it. My job is to hold the space for your experience, your thoughts and emotions. I take this role seriously but I never abandon the fact that we are two people sharing time and space with each other. This is the human condition.

Issues I Treat


  • Men's Issues External link

    As men, we're being asked to change, and we are. With effort and focused commitment, we can achieve a much more enriched way of life; a life that's free of emotional restriction. This work is best done individually with a therapist AND in a supportive group of other men. I facilitate a quarterly 10 week men's support group called Modern Man. 6-7 men work together for 10 weeks. We process and resolve issues involved contemporary masculine life. Please see my website for more information.

  • Bipolar External link

    I have a particular interest Bipolar disorders due much in part to it's presence in so many people I have known in my personal life, from childhood to the present. This intrinsic motivation has drawn me to study and train in the most up to date treatments available. Due to my graduate level training's foundation in multidisciplinary studies, I am particularly skilled in working in conjunction with mental health prescribers. Achieving a state of remission is possible with courage and commitment.

  • Loss or Grief External link

    I believe loss and grief is the great leveler. Nobody, regardless of their privilege, can escape the inevitability of loss. As a culture, we suffer from a lack of pathways to effective and meaningful grieving. I help people learn to identify the opportunities for meaning-making that follow loss. If you're experiencing acute loss, I recommend reading the work of David Kessler, particularly, "Making Meaning," released in late 2019. Professional support can help tremendously too.

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